XS650 Zero Stretch Hardtail

$30.00 - $475.00

This is the most complete XS650 tail on the market. We’ve removed a lot of the guess work when it comes to hardtailing your soon to be chopper. Make three cuts, make three welds and away you go. Each hardtail is jig built and TIG welded. On top of the hardtail you’ll also get, a new axle, axle adjusters, new rear motor mounts, optional stash cap for the back bone as well as some pre-drilled aluminum to be used for wheel spacers. The included brake stay tab and cross bars come tacked into place and allow you to select the best position for your needs. These are available with XS650 or HD drop outs and axles.

Shipping on these will be invoiced seperatly once your tail is completed. These take some work as there are many hand made parts that make these up, so please allow up to four weeks for delivery.