XS650 Worm Gear Mod for Foot Clutch Shifting

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Worm gear mod for all you crazy foot clutching XS chopper heads. This mod includes CNC cut tabs and a brand new worm gear.

This is a completely bolt on solution for converting your internal worm gear into an external tab made for foot clutch set ups. No alterations to the case are needed and you can convert back to stock at any time.

This set up includes a brand new XS worm gear, CNC cut 0.125” thick tab and trim ring. Everything is TIG welded and test fit before heading out the door.

The external tab is indexable so it can be set up in multiple different posistions. The top three holes in said tab are all 0.25” to offer even more adjustability.

This is for the worm gear mod only. You will need to provide your own linkage to tie this into your controls or add one of our DIY linkage kits to your cart.

For install tips and tricks check out this video from Shadetree Surgeon.