XS650 Weld-on Single Down Tube Kit

$250.00 Sold Out

Turn your stock frame made rigid into a complete custom frame with one of our XS650 weld-on single down tube kits. You've taken the plunge into removing the shocks and welding on your hardtail, now you can take care of the front of your frame too. Pair one of our single down tube kits with our hardtail, or one of the other guy's rigid rears, for a complete custom look! The single down tube kit paired with a rigid rear gets you a complete custom frame for hundreds of dollars less than having a full frame built. The best part is, these kits are designed to be a DIY install. If you or your chopper minions can install a hardtail. You can install a JSC single down tube kit. The single down tube kits are made of 1 1/8" steel that's made right here in the USA. Each kit includes everything you need to install. Make a few cuts, do some basic frame clean up a few welds later you are ready to step back and enjoy your stock frame turned fully custom.

Jig built, fully tig welded and ready to install when you receive your new down tube kit.