HD/XS Kicker Arm Conversion

$20.00 - $120.00

Finally, a cool kicker arm for your XS650. This is a HD kicker arm mated to an Xs650 kicker arm mount. This kicker ships ready to mount. Being an HD arm up top opens up the door to near endless kick pedal possibilities. This is also a great option if you are looking for a kicker that clears a custom exhaust.

We use a new HD kicker arm and mount it to either one of our supplied XS mounts or save a few bucks and send us yours.

***Powder coat is now only a penny. I wanted to make it free but the powers that be (Big Cartel) won’t let free options be added to a product.***

***The HD arms are sold in Chrome and we do our best to preserve this finish. The XS mounts are not chrome so there will be some discripenses in the two finishes but as you can see in the picture, they look damn close (this applies to orders where the powder coat option is not selected)***

Ship core kickers to: (your order starts as soon as I receive your stock kicker arm)

JumpStreet Custom
3801 Willoughby Rd.
Holt MI, 48842